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Drink to Vagamon, Kerala, India. 

Bhagavan is a hill station located on the border of Kottayam and Idukki in Kerala. In the afterlife, summer has a cool climate with temperatures between 10-23 degrees Celsius. It is at the height of the measure.

 Vagamon is a small colony community in central Travancore. Vagamon has a green tincture. There are endless green hills, emotional defiles, and winding courses. A perfect rubberneck spot at 1200 measures above ocean position, encircled by green tea amphitheaters, fresh air, rustling pine timbers, minor cascade, enough meadows that invite you to relax. Getting to Vagamon itself is a fantastic experience. The winding road to Vagamon is carved into the massive rock lined with pine timbers.  Also, as you walk your direction through the green slopes, you see many bases moving underneath you.

This snoop point additionally includes Thangal Para, the Indo-Swiss plan, and the Kurisumala Ashram. Drink to a country you will get back to over and over. So you can re-energize your batteries and keep the recognitions of this valuable and delightful land, Vagamon Hill Station is comprised of an excellent series of slopes, dales. It falls that make it the ideal spot for tourists. Stomp the tight, fog-covered curves that wander through the slopes for genuine delight. There is the chance of visiting, paragliding or climbing farther brassy.

 The hill station has a chain of 3 beautiful hills called Thangal Hill, Murugan Hill, and Kurismala, which give this awful hill station a cozy sense. Also, visit Vagamon Hill Station for eternal bliss and tranquility. The Vagamon mountain station offers you a unique terrain different from other mountain stations in Kerala. In addition, the place, rich in natural beauty, also offers space for spiritual exertion. The serene setting with the cool, gentle breath blowing through the dale makes it a perfect place to meditate. 



Innocent and still innocent by the rest of the world, Vagamon is one of Kerala's most magnificent mountain stations! Situated on the boundary of Kottayam and Idukki, this picturesque mountain trail crosses sea level and is a focal point for adventure seekers traveling to Kerala.

British officials who planted tea in the area discovered this tragic hill station in Kerala, recognized by National Geographic Rubarneck as one of India's 50 most exciting places. Protected by three picturesque hills, Thangal, Murugan, and Krishnamala, this graphic hill station in Kerala is located at the edge of the Great Western Ghats. Dotted with evergreen meadows, endless pine wood, gorgeous cascades, and other natural precautions, Vagamon is a must-visit when traveling in Kerala.


Due to its remarkable height and captivating beauty, it has become one of Kerala's most sought-after paragliding destinations. Adrenaline junkies from all over the country flock to this graphic hill station to show off their paragliding and enjoy the primitive beauty of Vagamon!

 How to communicate Vagamon 

 1. On the street


 Road passages are considered a Swiss way to get to Vanaman. About 100 kilometers from Cochin, guests can hire hacks and personal hacks and take an exciting journey through the most beautiful and fascinating hiking trails to reach Vaghaman.

 2. On the train


 At 40 country miles, the nearest station to reach Vagaman is Kottayam. Previously at the train station, guests could use private hacks, buses, or collection vehicles to get to Vagamon.

 3. By plane


 Cochin International Airport is the nearest area to Bhagavan. It is located about 120 km from this beautiful hill station in Kerala.

 Swiss trip time for Vagamon


 Vagamon is a time-honored rubberneck destination in Kerala. There is a pleasant temperature around the mountain station and a different look and elegance with different seasons. Time-out, the mountain resort captivates its guests with its mysterious beauty. It comes alive with the look of summer and green with the shower.

 Places of interest in Bhagavan


 1. Kurisumala

 Kurisumala is a place of worship for Christians and is visited by hundreds of believers on Good Friday evening. Located on a graphic hill, Kurisumala is a must-see in Vagamon because of its location.


 2. Mundkayam Ghat

 This is the place to go to Kerala Bhagaman! Kerala Paragliding Center, Mundkayam Ghat, is a heavenly place and all the treasures of Mother Nature.


 3. Kurisumala Dairy Estate

 A visit to this dairy estate is a Swiss way to rediscover your roots and prove the rustic charm of religious culture. Led and led by the monks of Kurisumala, it is seen as a terrifying escape from the daily life of the municipality.


 4. At Thangal

 Thangal Para, a fascinating hill in Bhagaman, offers a breathtaking view from its summit. A top-rated destination in the wallet. Guests can also visit a cave on this hill.


 Bhagamne conditioning

 1. Paragliding


 Still, you must go to Vagamon and enjoy paragliding if you are looking for some adrenaline-fueled work in Kerala. This breathtaking work, which is plentiful in the Thangal Para locality, will allow you to fly in the thrilling geography of Vagaman and enjoy the raspberry eye view of this excellent hill station.

 2. The path of nature


 With several high hills and mountains, graphic meadows, evergreen pine wood, and much more, Vagamon has become an excellent destination for nature trails. Callers can also visit the tea colonies and make an appointment with the alluring beauty of Vagamon.

 3. Hiking and touring


 Located meters above sea level and surrounded by high peaks, this graphic mountain station in Kerala also offers several hiking and touring routes for the adventurous. Usually simple to medium, these trails are a stylish way to explore the magical beauty of Vagamon.

Trains to Reach Kottayam Backwaters
Mumbai Lokmanya Tilak Trm Kcvl Garib Rath 12201 Mon, Fri
Trivandrum Kochuveli Ltt Garib Rath 12202 Wed, Sat
Bangalore Yesvantpur Jn Kochuveli Gr 12257 Tues, Thu, Sat
Kannur Main Jan Shatabdi Exp 12081 Mon, Tues, Thu, Fri, Sat
Trivandrum Central Jan Shatabdi 12082 Mon, Wed, Thu, Fri, Sun
Kanniyakumari Dbrg Vivek Express 15905 Sat
Dibrugarh Vivek Express 15906 Sun
Trivandrum Central Venad Express 16302 Round the Week
Ernakulam Jn Vanchinad Exp 16303 Round the Week
Trivandrum Cntl Vanchinad Exp 16304 Round the Week
Bikaner Jn Bkn Kcvl Exp 16311 Tues
Kanniyakumari Himsagar Express 16317 Fri
Jammu Tawi Himsagar Exp 16318 Mon
Nagercoil Jn Gandhidham Express 16336 Tues
Trivandrum Cntl Round Amritha Express 16343 Round the Week
Mangalore Cntl Trivandrum Exp 16348 Round the Week
Mumbai CST Kanyakumari Exp 16381 Round the Week
Bangalore City Jn Kanyakumari Exp 16526 Round the Week
Mangalore Cntl Malabar Exp 16630 Round the Week
Hyderabad Deccan Nampally Sabari Exp 17230 Round the Week
Guwahati Ghy Ers Express 12508 Fri
New Delhi Kerala Exp 12626 Round the Week
Ernakulam Jn (South) Ernakulam Kottayam Passenger 56385 Round the Week
Visakhapatnam Jn Vskp Snsi Special 08567 Thu
Dibrugarh Dbrg Kcvl Special 06335 Sun

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