K Kerala is some of the most magical and inversely tempting natural prodigies! While travelling in this southern graphic kingdom, artisans can witness this great prodigy and carousel in their outstanding beauty. And when we speak of the magical allure and beauty of Mother Nature in the land of God, it is the "backwoods" that fascinate the caller!

 Kerala is a caller paradise and indeed one of the world's most beautiful and spectacular trip destinations! Littered with swaying coconut triumphs, adorned with the charm of turquoise lagoons and mixed with a winding network of conduits, Kerala's backwoods not only open the doors to a new world but also attract callers on a trip to Kerala to fall in love.. the same. 


 Let's sail through some of Kerala's most fascinating destinations and make your holiday memorable for the rest of your life! 


 List of frontier destinations in Kerala 


 large division 




 The"Mecca" of all of Kerala's remote trip destinations, Alleppey sits gracefully on the props of Lake Vembanad. The pristine nature, pristine beauty and attractive charm of this fascinating megacity make it one of the most romantic trip destinations you can visit. Visit the Alleppey backwoods, take a houseboat voyage, sit back, and cherish dateless recollections. 




 Thiruvananthapuram-The convergence of tradition, fustiness, fun, recreation, love, relaxation, adventure and excitement, is home to the fascinating backwoods of Thiruvallam. Crossing the vill of Veli; About 6 km from Trivandrum, this part of the Thiruvallam frontier is also known for its variety of fun and fascinating offers. 





 Kuttanad Backwoods is the quietest, most tranquil, peaceful and seductive destination in Kerala. The backwoods of Kuttanad have a unique mystique. The imbrication of the water, the undulating furrows of the coconut triumphs and the lively barge manoeuvring in the backwoods of this region will offer you a piece of paradise. 




 Kottayam's swaying backwoods act like another sonnet! This part of Kerala's backwoods has its infectious meter. The calm, easily flowing backwoods, the elegant but stable barges that cruise through them, and the pristine beauty of Lake Vembanad; Everything about Kottayam is meant to allure you! 



 Visit the Kollam backwoods and experience how peaceful God's land is! With the stupendous pull of Lake Ashtamudi, this piece of frontier reflects the actual interest and magnet of the Indian spice capital. Come on, feel the magic and spend moments of rest on a barge that glides on the Kollam backwoods! 



 Thanks to the charm of blue lagoons, turquoise lakes and fun coconut triumphs, you can fluently infect the Kumarakom backwoods with their appeal. Girdled by the alluring beauty of Lake Vembanad, this vast breadth of Kerala backwoods has been rated"One of the 50 Stylish Trip Destinations of a Continuance" by National Geographic. 




 The Kozhikode Backwoods are considered the calmest backwoods in Kerala and are one of the most desirable sightseer destinations among peace suckers. Dotted with mesmerizing lagoons, a network of conduits, and a polychromatic variety of foliage and fauna, this is the place to be if you're looking for Kerala's backwoods. 




 The panoramic views, gladdening houseboat stays, delightful sails and the eternal silence of the Kasargod backwoods will entertain all of your senses. Unlike other remote destinations in Kerala, this part offers a unique experience that speaks volumes for callers with its mesmerizing beauty, peaceful tranquillity and multitudinous recreational openings. 




 How about a frontier voyage as you discover the beauty of traditional fishing nets, win-fringed lagoons, and antique townlets as you respect the ultramodern glamour? Sounds fascinating, does not it? Well, a visit to the stupendous backwoods of Cochin is what it takes to make all of your backwoods fantasies come true on a Kerala stint! 

 Conditioning in the Kerala Backwoods 


 BOAT Passages 


 Houseboat sails should always be the first thing you should do while enjoying the Kerala backwoods! Ideal for all types of recesses, these tenures are the stylish way to witness the attractive beauty of the quiet yet infectious backwoods of God's land. 




 Still, it's pulling or pulling, If there's anything other than houseboat sails that can show you the rich beauty of the backwoods. Take part in these instigative peregrinations, paddle through backwoods, explore antique townlets, take the initiative through endless rice fields, and discover a myriad of retired prodigies. 




 Make your nonage dream come true and witness the notorious Snake Boat Race with a visit to Kerala! Visit Alleppey on the alternate Saturday in August and substantiation the long-awaited and popular Snake Boat Race Competition or the Nehru Jewel Boat Race'. 


 AYURVEDIC Curatives 


 The virgin land of Kerala can also be called the" land of relaxation and revivification"! And if you can not believe it, give Ayurvedic remedy a pass; The Land of God is home to some of the most beautiful and comforting Ayurveda gyms in the world. 



This frontier destination also doubles as an awful shopping destination for callers. From traditional crafts to manual spices, you can get everything on Kerala's bustling strands if you bargain well! 

 FUN AND Conditioning ON THE Sand 


 Sit back, relax, rest, and repeat! Yes, while enjoying the stupendous charm of the Kerala backwoods, you can stick to the schedule by sunbathing, tromping, enjoying colourful sand conditioning, or just casually watching the potent Arabian Sea pass through the strands of Kerala. 




 Still, also Kerala- style dishes will delight your palate! Whether the authentic Funk Chettinad dishes, the fantastic variety of seafood, If you find the delectables of"South India" tempting. 

Best Way to Kerala Backwaters :

By Air Trivandrum International Airport Cochin International Airport Calicut International Airport Kannur International Airport
Alleppey Backwaters 3 Hrs / 147km 2 Hrs / 86km 5 Hrs / 218km 8 Hrs / 328km
Thiruvananthapuram Backwaters 30 mins / 9km 5 Hrs / 241km 9 Hrs / 373km 12 Hrs / 483km
Kuttanad Backwaters 3 Hrs / 134km 2 Hrs / 107km 5 Hrs / 239km 9 Hrs / 349km
Kottayam Backwaters 3 Hs / 150km 2 Hrs / 76km 5 Hrs / 235km 8 Hrs / 345km
Kollam Backwaters 1.5 Hrs / 66km 3 Hrs / 167km 7 Hrs / 299km 10 Hrs / 408km
Kumarakom Backwaters 3.5 Hrs / 161km 2 Hrs / 77km 5 Hrs / 210km 8 Hrs / 320km
Kozhikode Backwaters 9 Hrs / 384km 4 Hrs / 173km 1 Hr / 28km 2 Hrs / 95km
Kasaragod Backwaters 14 Hrs / 558km 9 Hrs / 351km 5 Hrs / 206km 3 Hrs / 116km
Cochin Backwaters 4 Hrs / 207km 1 Hr / 44km 4 Hrs / 158km 7 Hrs / 268km
NOTE: On arrival at the desired airport, visitors can board government or private run buses to reach their favourite Kerala Backwater destination. Private cabs and taxis can also be hired to reach the backwater destinations; most of the airports have prepaid taxi services.
By Road Alleppey Thiruvananthapuram Kuttanad Kottayam
Alleppey — — 164km/3 Hrs 22km/1 Hr 48km/1 Hr
Cochin 54km/1 Hr 200km/4 Hrs 75km/2 Hrs 66km/1.5 Hrs
Kumarakom 33km/1 Hr 179km/4 Hrs 55km/1 Hr 16km/29 Mins
Trivandrum 146km/3 Hrs — — 133km/3 Hrs 147km/3 Hrs
Thekkady 138km/4 Hrs 204km/5 Hrs 137km/4 Hrs 108km/3 Hrs
Wayanad 309km/7 Hrs 455km/12 Hrs 330km/8 Hrs 326km/8 Hrs
Munnar 176km/5 Hrs 190km/5 Hrs
Kozhikode 236km/5 Hrs (NH-66),
282km/7 Hrs
(Primary Central Road)
383km/10 Hrs 258km/6 Hrs 255km/6 Hrs
Mysuru (Karnataka) 443km/9 Hrs 588km/13 Hrs 462km/10 Hrs 440km/9 Hrs
Bangalore (Karnataka) 596km/10 Hrs 685km/13 Hrs 618km/11 Hrs 596km/11 Hrs
Udupi (Karnataka) 519km/12 Hrs 665km/17 Hrs 540km/14 Hrs 537km/13 Hrs
Mangalore (Karnataka) 468km/12 Hrs 613km/16 Hrs 489km/12 Hrs 485km/12 Hrs
Gokarna (Karnataka) 695km/16 Hrs 841km/21 Hrs 716km/18 Hrs 712km/17 Hrs
Chennai (Tamil Nadu) 742km/13 Hrs 725km/13 Hrs 705km/13 Hrs 676km/13 Hrs
Madurai (Tamil Nadu) 275km/6 Hrs 314km/6 Hrs 274km/6 Hrs 245km/6 Hrs
Ooty (Tamil Nadu) 348km/8 Hrs 494km/11 Hrs 370km/8 Hrs 348km/8 Hrs
Kodaikanal (Tamil Nadu) 285km/7 Hrs 333km/8 Hrs 284km/7 Hrs 255km/7 Hrs
Yercaud (Tamil Nadu) 427km/8 Hrs 511km/10 Hrs 449km/9 Hrs 427km/8 Hrs
By Road Kollam Kumarakom Kozhikode Kasaragod Cochin
Alleppey 81km/1 Hr 36km/1 Hr 226km/5 Hrs 411km/10 Hrs 60km/1.5 Hrs
Cochin 135km/3 Hrs 52km/1 Hr 180km/4 Hrs 365km/9 Hrs — -
Kumarakom 114km/3 Hrs 4km/30 Mins 221km/5 Hrs 406km/10 Hrs 55km/1.5 Hrs
Trivandrum 65km/1 Hr 156km/3 Hrs 379km/9 Hrs 557km/14 Hrs 206km/4 Hrs
Thekkady 162km/4 Hrs 120km/3 Hrs 308km/8 Hrs 486km/12 Hrs 162km/4 Hrs
Wayanad 389km/9 Hrs 301km/7 Hrs 86km/2 Hrs 207km/5 Hrs 249km/6 Hrs
Munnar 234km/6 Hrs 157km/4 Hrs 278km/6 Hrs 455km/11 Hrs 136km/3.5 Hrs
Kozhikode 318KM/7 Hrs 229km/5 Hrs — - 180km/4 Hrs 177km/4 Hrs
Mysuru (Karnataka) 475km/11 Hrs 386km/9 Hrs 211km/4 Hrs 227km/5 Hrs 227km/5 Hrs
Bangalore (Karnataka) 677km/12 Hrs 588km/11 Hrs 359km/8 Hrs 359km/8 Hrs 554km/10 Hrs
Udupi (Karnataka) 600km/14 Hrs 511km/12 Hrs 286km/6 Hrs 106km/2 Hrs 459km/11 Hrs
Mangalore (Karnataka) 548km/12 Hrs 460km/11 Hrs 235km/5 Hrs 54km/1 Hr 408km/10 Hrs
Gokarna (Karnataka) 776km/17 Hrs 687km/16 Hrs 462km/10 Hrs 281km/6 Hrs 635km/15 Hrs
Chennai (Tamil Nadu) 719km/13 Hrs 733km/13 Hrs 684km/12 Hrs 696km/13 Hrs 700km/12 Hrs
Madurai (Tamil Nadu) 259km/6 Hrs 257km/6 Hrs 354km/8 Hrs 530km/12 Hrs 276km/7 Hrs
Ooty (Tamil Nadu) 429km/9 Hrs 339km/8 Hrs 157km/4 Hrs 355km/8 Hrs 306 km/7 Hrs
Kodaikanal (Tamil Nadu) 309km/8 Hrs 267km/7 Hrs 301km/7 Hrs 478km/11 Hrs 318km/7 Hrs
Yercaud (Tamil Nadu) 508km/9 Hrs 418km/8 Hrs 370km/7 Hrs 514km/11 Hrs 385km/7 Hrs

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