Tinchuli may be a small hill town (a village) in the Darjeeling district, at 5,800 feet and just 3 km above Takdah. The word tincture means three ovens (i.e. tin ovens). For this reason, the village got its name from the three extended hills that surround the place and remind us of the oven or rice from a distance. Tinchuli is looking out over Kalimpong hill.

It is a tourist site fully developed. The WWF (World Federation) organization has actively helped around 17 families to develop an organic model village and market rural tourism. Some houses within the town are enlarged and converted into guest houses or family houses for tourists. With the support of WWF, the villagers have adapted modern cultivation methods and developed floriculture, vermiculture and other ecological projects.

So why plan a visit and stay in Tinchuley? Simple. If you wish nature, see the gorgeous views of the Himalayas, the meanders of Teesta flow through the mountain landscapes, enjoy the tea gardens, the orange plantations, wander the village paths, observe varieties with birds, experience the local culture, the people and therefore the food, this is often the place for you.


Plus, you're far away from the usual crowds of the mountainous town of Darjeeling. Tinchuley may be a quiet and peaceful town that gives the tranquillity and nature that most city dwellers crave. And there are several great attractions, beautiful spots, and viewpoints nearby.


Attractions and activities in and around Tinchuley

1) Visit the gorgeous orange groves of Nirmal (8 km from Tinchuley). This family-run property also features a factory that creates fresh fruit juice, jams and pickles that you can purchase at reasonable prices.


2) Visit Tinchuley Monastery. A lama had meditated here for 17 years. You'll see the long row of prayer wheels on the surface wall.

3) There are six tea gardens within walking distance where you'll experience garden life, see tea picking, tour the factory and see tea processing. A subsequent tea farm is that the famous Rungli Rungliot. Another is Peshok Tea Estate.

4) Watch the gorgeous sunrise from the Tinchuley Lookout and watch the snow-capped Kanchenjunga and other Himalayan peaks sparkle at dawn. There's also a magnificent view of the Kalimpong community and, therefore, the Teesta Valley from there.


5) rehearse the fern forest for about 20 minutes, and you'll reach Gumbadara viewpoint, another excellent spot to ascertain the Rangeet River and a part of Sikkim. On a transparent day, you furthermore may have an exquisite view of Kanchenjunga from here. The massive boulders here are of historical importance. They're excellent training grounds for climbers. There also are several caves here for you to explore.

6) Travel the gorgeous nature trails, hike and explore the nearby towns. Your guesthouse or host family can arrange a recommended local guide. Although the villagers seem shy, if you ask them friendly, they will even be very friendly and hospitable. Most townhouses here are decorated with flower pots.

7)When visiting the Peshok Tea Garden, see the lovers meeting point on Peshok Road. From here, the confluence of the Teesta and Rangita rivers offers a beautiful view of Tribeni.


8) You can also visit all the attractions I described in Takdah. Tinchuley is only 3 km from Takdah.


How do I get to Tinchuley?

Tinchuley is 32 km from Darjeeling (1.5 hours by car), 73 km from NJP (about 2.5 hours), 77 km from Bagdogra (about 3 hours), and 35 km from Kalimpong (approximately 1.5 hours by car) Car) away.


If you are coming by taxi from NJP / Siliguri, you must take Sevoke Road (NH10) and head towards Teesta Bazaar. Along the way, you will pass places like Kalijhora, Rambi Bazaar etc., and before the Teesta Bridge, there is a sharp semicircular curve to the left that starts a hill climb the road to Peshok, which is quite steep and is at Road conditions. Generally not good. Initially bamboo and pine forests, the landscape turns into a forest of tall trees.


You will pass three tea gardens ... the Teesta Valley, Rungli Rangliot and Gilles tea gardens, all with great views of the vast tea plantations on the slopes. You will then pass places like Takdah Club and Takdah Bazaar and then drive to Tinchuley.

You can take reserved taxis from NJP, Bagdogra, Siliguri, Darjeeling and Kalimpong. Shared taxis/jeeps are available to Takeda from Siliguri (Sevak Road, behind the big cinema hall or the painted garage behind 9/10 Hotel Sevak). You have to take a private taxi (like a Maruti van) for a short drive to Tinchuli. From Darjeeling, you can take a bus to Takdaha (departure in the afternoon).

Best time to visit Tinchuley :

October to April is a very good time to see Tinchuli. This is the time when the sky is clear, and you have great views of the hills and valleys around you. However, it will be pretty cold in Tinchuli from November to February.


Accommodation in Tinchuley


Pension Gurung

The villagers have developed several guest houses. One of these guesthouses (more like a host family, the most popular and most significant) is the Gurung guest house with a gable roof. This simple but charming guest house has four double rooms, four quadruple rooms, two deluxe bedrooms and a log cabin. It is distributed in a beautiful garden.

Guide prices: Double room: Rs. 2016.00; Four Beds: Rs. 2,464.00; Country House: Rs. 3,540.00; Deluxe Room: Rs. 3,540.00; Super Deluxe: Rs. 4720.00.


There is an additional service fee of 10%. Note: You have to bring your towels. They serve Indian dishes (Rs. 650 / - per person, including morning tea, breakfast, lunch, afternoon tea and dinner). Atypical foods are rice, ghee, dal, alu bhaji, vegetable curry, fish or chicken, hot sauce, etc. (the portions are good). Children from 5 to 10 years benefit from a 50% meal price. Children under 5 are free. There is a separate dining room. They organize trips and excursions in the area.


Phone: + 91-9933036336, + 91-9434514614, + 91-9733326309


Host family Abiraja

Abiraj Bhandari runs this property (a two-story wooden building) ... it's more of a homestay hotel and overlooks the tea gardens with lovely views. There are double, triple and quadruple rooms (standard and deluxe) with private bathrooms with geysers. Deluxe rooms also have a TV.

Guide Price: Double Room (Value): Rs. 800.00, Triple Room (Deluxe): Rs. 1200.00 food Rs. Five hundred for each individual and incorporates all suppers, tea, snacks. Brilliant radiators are accessible for an additional charge. 

Phones: 09749370965, 07602985032, 09635562957 

Email: abiraj.bhandari6@gmail.com, info@tinchuleyhomestay.com