Top stories about paragliding in Darjeeling:

This is the closest thing to flying, sort of a bird. And picture you're flying with the Himalayan mountains within the background.

If you look down, you'll see the rows of local houses like little dots within the mountain landscape, and if you look to the horizon, you've got a powerful view of the snow-capped peaks of Kanchenjunga and even Everest, all from the sky. that appears interesting? Then take a paragliding flight to Darjeeling.

Darjeeling has joined the greedy network of places in India that provide paragliding, including Sikkim, Himachal, Northern, Maharashtra, etc. Gangtok, paragliding is usually done on a clear day, so you will have a clear view while flying in the sky and return to earth satisfied. On a clear day, operators start paragliding flights several times a day.

You can roll in the hay yourself if you've got the experience and technical skills. Otherwise, a guide will accompany you. This is often called tandem paragliding, where you and, therefore, the guide is strapped into separate seat belts, but the guide controls the flight. You need to walk a couple of steps in the starting, and when the guide shouts, "Let's go!" You jump from the sting of a flat cliff into the sky. then you're in paradise !!

In Darjeeling, near St. Paul's School within the Jalapahar area, there's a well-liked paragliding start line that's much above the mall. The operator will take you to the beginning area. You'll also walk to the place from the mall (it takes about half-hour uphill).

Paragliding is additionally sometimes practiced in Jamuney, a picturesque town about 30 minutes drive from Darjeeling. The beginning takes place within the Tukvar garden and lands on the Jamuney Ground.

The entire flight takes approx. Quarter-hour, but are often extended to a maximum of approx. Half-hour counting on the wind and weather. Paragliding from the Jalapahar area in Darjeeling, you cross the Chowrasta Mall. One thing is needless to say, almost everyone within the mall will see you on this amazing flight and wonder if you can; they might do an equivalent. Wave your hands and fly.

Landing takes place at Lebong Ground on the lower levels. On one side of the mall, you'll see Lebong ground far below. It's flat land (a field) and is about 7 km from the town center. The guide, which sits directly behind you throughout the flight, ensures a smooth landing. After landing, you've got to steer a couple of steps on the bottom again. After landing, the operator will take you back to the town center.

Paragliding is additionally offered in Kalimpong, about 2 hours from Darjeeling. The common start line of Dello Hills is in Kalimpong. Two flights are offered: Medium (approx. 15 minutes) and High (approx. 30 minutes). Although the start line is that the same for both, the landing points are different. For the medium flight, the landing point is at Homes Garden near Dr. Graham's Home School, while the landing point for the high flight is at rock bottom of the Relli River below. There are a few operators. Ask the taxi driver, and he will take you.

Guide prices

For tourists, the cost per person is Rs. 3500 / - for a 15-minute flight (price updated January 2020).

Do not do that if you've got asthma, heart problems, or are scared of heights.

The best period for paragliding in Darjeeling

Due to the windy conditions, paragliding in Darjeeling takes place between October and April. However, paragliding is usually avoided during the most winter season (January to February), thanks to the excessive cold. When the weather is obvious, a private guide usually makes 8-9 flights each day during the season. Typically, an operator in Darjeeling would perform around 15 paragliding flights each day.

Learn to paraglide

In Darjeeling, operators also run paragliding courses so that you can paraglide alone instead of a guide and become an independent bird:


Learning to paraglide is not difficult. Anyone in good physical shape can do this. Expert guides offer introductory, beginner, and advanced courses that span 3 to 5 days.


How can you paraglide in Darjeeling?

You must first book a paragliding flight with an operator in Darjeeling. And this should be done in advance, although you will also be entertained for drop-in flights when guides and resources are available. The operator will arrange transportation to take you to the take-off point and then take you from the landing point to your office (or even your hotel if it's nearby).


Although several operators accept paragliding reservations in Darjeeling, Offroad Adventure is the first to introduce this activity in Darjeeling and remains the leading paragliding operator. Visit Tour Operators for information on tour operators, including offers and contacts.

Paragliding in Gangtok, you need to know:

Paragliding in Gangtok is one of the turning points into an undeniably famous experience sport. Also, why not. Who wouldn't very much want to fly like a bird and see Sikkim and Gangtok, the regal Himalayan mountain range, and the snow stops in the sky?


No experience or preparation is needed to appreciate paragliding in Gangtok. Because the operators here offer tandem flights, this means that an experienced and certified pilot will accompany you. The pilot and passenger sit comfortably and securely in the harness that is attached to the paraglider. The pilot is responsible for the entire flight and its navigation. After a simple take-off, you can enjoy the flight with a breathtaking view.

However, you must be in the good physical condition and within the normal weight limits (90 kg). While the pilot does most of the work, he has to be involved in take-off and landing. So sneakers, jeans/pants, etc.


Location and paragliding in Gangtok

There are two types of paragliding flights that you can enjoy, and both are offered with tandem flights, meaning a certified pilot will accompany you.


The first type of paragliding is known as the medium fly. As the name suggests, you'll fly at an average altitude of around 1,300 to 1,400 meters and get a beautiful aerial view of Gangtok parish and the snow-capped peaks of the Himalayas. The launch site for medium paragliders is in Baliman Dara near Gangtok. The flight time is 5-10 minutes. The landing takes place on a stadium field in the sports village Reshithang.


The second type of paragliding flight is the high fly, in which you fly at greater heights. The starting point is in Bulbuley Dara, above the village of Reshithang in Ranka (near Gangtok). The height of the launch site is 2,200 meters.


The landing zone (the stadium area) is at an altitude of 1150 meters, approx. 4 km from the starting point. See the Take International School in Pangthang, Bojoghari Village, and the Tashi Lookout among the breathtaking mountain views. The total flight time in high flight is 20-30 minutes.


Batman Dara and Bulbuley Dara are the only two certified paragliding launch sites in East Sikkim (near Gangtok).

Update January 2020: Paragliding in Sikkim is currently suspended after an accident.


Guide prices

Average flight: Rs. 2500 / - per person.

Flying high: Rs. 4,500 / - per person.


You need to order first. Operators can arrange hotel pick-up and drop-off services at a higher cost. The entire paragliding trip, including flight time and land travel, can take up to 2 hours.



Paraglider pilots in Gangtok

There are tons of them. These are the foremost famous:


1) Sikkim Paragliding Adventure Sports Co-operative Society Limited:

You started paragliding in 2010. all of them have Sikkimese pilots trained by the Sikkim government. The operator is affiliated with the Paragliding Association of India (PAI) and represents the state PAI in Sikkim. Additionally to the standard tandem flights, they offer parallel tours for knowledgeable paraglider pilots as skydiving expeditions to explore and knowledge Sikkim.

Reservation office:

Reshithang Sports Village, Ranka

Near the Banjhakri waterfall (approx. 100 meters further)

Telephone: 03592 - 649053, mobile phone: +91 9547116119



Main office:

Kazi Street, Gangtok

Cell phone: +91 9547116119; Email:


2) Fly into the journey of Sikkim

They are the leading paragliding operator in Sikkim and have certified pilots trained by the Paragliding Association of India.

Reservation office:

Reshitang Sports Village, Ranka

Right next to Sikkim Paragliding Adventure Sports Co-operative Society

Phone: +91 9197207767 (O), +91 98515 88593, +91 97350 17094


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