The Shocking Revelation of Darjeeling Adventure Activities & Tours :

So you probably think it's a joke that even a peaceful hill town like Darjeeling offers exciting adventure activities and sports. You will be amazed to understand how it takes to become one of the hubs of adventure sports and tours in Northeast India.


The foam water of the Teesta and Ranjit mountain rivers attracts a huge number of enthusiasts for foam rafting every year. The Sandakan and Fault treks are already well-established trekking routes in the region and are popular with trekkers all over the planet.

There are operators in Darjeeling who have launched several more adventure activities like paragliding. You will fly like a bird and enjoy the beautiful mountain views from the sky and rock/sport climbing, where you will learn and see our hiking and kayaking. Teesta, recent air balloon views from the sky, motorbike trips, mountain biking, and much more.


And there are safaris and adventure tours to incredible places like sanctuaries, national parks, peaks of the Singalila range, and more. Sounds interesting? Then read on... 


Paragliding in Darjeeling  :

This aero-sport is now increasingly getting popular in Darjeeling both with tourists and locals. In any case, who doesn't want to fly sort of a bird? Which too watching the stunning mountain landscapes, tiny houses & mountain villages, Kanchenjunga snow peaks and even the Everest from the sky. wish to experience the paradise? Try paragliding in Darjeeling. Anyone often does it. If you've never done it before, don't be concerned, there's something called tandem paragliding where a guide will accompany you and control the entire flight. All you've got to try to do is to enjoy being in paradise. 

Trekking in Darjeeling :

Who hasn't heard of the famous trip to Sandakan and Fault? Both are a part of the Singalila Range and, therefore, the Darjeeling district and offer an exquisite experience that matches the opposite of only a few treks within the world. Where else on earth would you see four of the five highest peaks of sound during a single pull of snow? And where does one find many different types of orchids and many other flowering plants like rhododendrons, magnolias, and spruce fully bloom? Darjeeling has it all. All you've got to try is structure your mind for a soft trek and provide yourself a couple of days in heaven. 

Teesta foam Rafting is a great experience : 

If you've got a touch of adventurous feeling, don't miss it. Foam rafting is straightforward to arrange together with your Darjeeling trip. Rafting on the Teesta River is a tremendous experience where the Forming River flows into a valley with forests and mountains on either side. Combining the rafting excitement of the many birds, fish, plants, and animals can become a memorable experience for a lifetime. Anyone often does it, even newcomers, all you would like is an adventure and fun. Camping along the river is often through with rafting.

From jeep safari to Sandakanfu and Fault :

Well, if anyone can't trek or doesn't have time to try to do it, you'll head to the jeep safari in Sandakan and head to Fault to remain in heaven. You'll either take a packaged tour from an operator in Darjeeling (this is that the easiest) or arrange it yourself with a jeep or land rover from Manibhanjan and complete the trip in only two days. I even have described the experience of this jeep trip and every one of the choices within the link above. 

Jeep Safari to Singalila National Park:

If you wish hilly forests, Singalila park is that the place to travel. Located at a high altitude on the Sandakan, the park may be a paradise for those who like to see several amazing Himalayan animals like red pandas, pangolins, and yellow-necked martins, and more. And in fact, it's many gorgeous gardens and flowering plants like Silver Fars, Oaks, Ferns, Rhododendrons, Orchids, Magnolias, Primulas then on. Just awesome. 

Mahananda Wildlife Sanctuary:

A 2 / hour drive from Darjeeling, it's a huge forest area and a sanctuary covering 158 sq km. Regular jeep safaris are available from Sukna Gate. You'll see some amazing animals in their habitat, including the Royal Bengal tiger (if lucky), leopard, elephant, jerking deer, etc. additionally to extensive plantations, the sanctuary may be a haven for bird watchers. You'll even take an elephant ride through the forest here. 


There are operators in Darjeeling who offer full kayak packages, which usually happen on the Rammam River in Singla or the Chota Rangeet River near Singla. The packages include road transfers, food, camping, gear and equipment, tuition, and instruction in the least levels. It also can be combined with an overnight stay at the riverside, cultural programs, garden visits, etc.


Some of the best popular campsites are often found along the Sandakphu / Phalut hiking trail, like in Tonglu. These are called high mountain camps. They also camp on Tiger Hill. It also can be combined with rafting and kayaking, and this sort of camping usually takes place on the riverside like in Teesta.

Rafting and Camping:

The operators offer packages that combine foam rafting and riverside camping. You camp during a natural forest setting and listen to the sounds of the night river right next to you as you awaken to the twittering of birds. Cliff jumping and body surfing are also available as camping and rafting activities.

Mountain bike and rental routes:

Like motorcycles, you'll also rent an ATV or take a guided group tour which will be personalized for you or your group. There are excellent bike routes to places like Pokhribong, Manebhanjan, Lamahatta, Klassenong, etc.

Motorbike rental and excursions

If you would like to explore Darjeeling and its surroundings by motorbike, you've got two options. You'll take an organized tour or rent a motorbike. You get bikes just like the Royal Enfield in fitness. There's tons of incredible terrain to get in and around Darjeeling, including tea gardens, villages, mountain landscapes, and shrines.


Go on a leisure visit at your own pace, have a map (provided by the operator) to plan your route through the mountainous landscape, or stray, stop where you would like, and have a cup of tea get through ask an area. The chances are plentiful.

Hot air balloon :

And if you're a little scared of paragliding, is there another great way to see Darjeeling and the snow-capped Himalayas from the sky, and that is the glorious hot air balloon? You will sit in a basket frame under the canopy of a huge, colorful parachute and gradually lifted safely into the air. Don't worry. The parachute is attached to the ground with ropes, and a guide will accompany you. The balloon is filled with hot air coming from a burner attached to it. As you soar 300 feet above the ground, the feel and views around you are breathtaking and will remain an unforgettable experience.

Hot air balloon in Darjeeling:


Well, if you are not that adventurous about paragliding and flying like a bird, there is another great way to get you in the air and very safe and easy. Get on the hot air balloon! Surprised? Well, Darjeeling now has one of three hot air balloons in all of India, and imagine you could fly in one of them.


They pump hot air through a gas burner built into the balloon. Only you need to sit in the transport basket, and they will slowly lift you 100 meters above the ground.

The views from this height in the air are impressive and no less than what paragliding offers. The only difference is that you are a little still in the air because, after all, the ball is tied to the ground with long ropes so that it does not get lost.


Sitting under the canopy of a large, lively, and colorful parachute and enjoying the panoramic view of the hills and landscapes is an unforgettable experience. And now you can have this rare experience in Darjeeling.

The ascent and descent are very slow and gradual. You will be accompanied by a guide or pilot who controls the burner and ensures that there is always enough hot air in the balloon to have sufficient buoyancy at all times. The men on the ground are still holding on to the ropes and gradually pulling the parachute towards their launch site as they descend.


the best time to go for a hot air balloon ride in Darjeeling

A good time to fly in a hot air balloon in Darjeeling is between October and May. Then the sky stays clear, and the view is excellent. Avoid hot air balloons during monsoons.

How do you fly in a hot air balloon in Darjeeling?

Update November 2015: The hot air balloon no longer works in Darjeeling.

The hot air balloon in Darjeeling was introduced in 2011. The operator needs at least 15 people to fly the hot air balloon. The fee is Rs. 1500 / - per person. If you have a small group or want to travel exclusively, you will need to pay a minimum amount (currently Rs. 15,000 / -).


The usual flight schedule is between 4:00 p.m. and 6:00 p.m. One of the hot air balloon locations in the Darjeeling area is Jamuni (about 45 minutes from Darjeeling city).

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