Top 20 Traditional Foods of Himachal Pradesh you want to try :

Cooking in Himachal Pradesh has a significant impact on neighboring states like Punjabi and neighboring countries like Tibetan food. The locals tend to eat exceptionally tasty and spicy food. Himachal Pradesh's favorite and food spectrum is a reflection of the strong but common existence of the people of this state.

Himachali cooking, especially non-vegetarian is more of meat and wheat bread with many sweet smelling thick saucy gravies that make the bottom of several dishes. As of now the favored dumplings or steamed momos are tourists’ favorite as they're now hospitable taste a number of these lip-smacking foods you've got to undertake while in Himachal Pradesh.

1. Chana Madra:It contains soaked lentils and vegetables most of the night which are cooked in spices and cooked in oil. Tons of other spices enter it making a fun dish. Madra thala from Chamba district of Himachal displays the culture of the state. It is also provided to guests at various events and celebrations.

2. Dham: It is specially prepared during celebrations and festivals and is found in Chamba and Manali in Himachal Pradesh. It is prepared with the best ingredients with nutrition and health. These include rice, curd, kidney beans and lentils and molasses and bod ki curry. Moreover, only specialized chefs are called ‘Botis’ make the dish because it can have a flavor.

3. Tudakiya Bhat: This delicious rice dish also has fun, lentil pulses, vegetables, onions and a unique kind of cooked pulo spread with potatoes and yogurt. It tastes so delicious that a touch of juice and Ioli give it an extra kick. Tudkia Bath is commonly found in the Chamba district of Himachal Pradesh.

4. Bhey :

The Himachali people enjoy this food that's a lotus step made during a spicy flavor. it's mostly found in most the kitchens of the locals. Locally called Bhey it the idea of the dish is that the lotus stems that are sliced thinly and ready with onions and ginger garlic with flour made up of grams and this creates a singular lip-smacking dish to eat.

5. Chha Gosht :

If you're wondering that each one of the above dishes are only vegetarian then this one will surely cause you to happy. The delectable non-vegetarian dish may be a traditional delicacy of Himachal Pradesh. it's made by lamb marinated in special way and therefore the preparation is completed during a unique way with yogurt, gram flour and different spices and masala. The thick gravy that's the curry during which the meat soaks then it's consumed. it's one among the simplest non-vegetarian dishes of Himachal Pradesh. it's more found within the district of ChamKullu Troutba.

6. Siddu : During this state the entrances are prepared from flour and served alongside vegetarian meals of mutton or vegetables. It takes a lot of preparation and time and a lot of hard work. However, the taste is very captivating and the preparation of the price is a hassle.The flour is left for 4 to 5 hours and then greased and fried in a straight flame for a semi-cooked flavor. It is believed that semi-cooked preparations will help maintain nutrition but it is often considered too nutritious. Sidu especially Kullu is seen in many local cuisines for tourists to taste authentic Himachali food.

7. Babru:

Kachuris are found in different parts of northern India. But during this state they need to be given a twist to replace their current popular breakfast. Black gram paste is stuffed in flour in the name of a special flat bread called babru. Flavored crispy bites are served with tamarind chutney and are usually served along with lamb madrasa dishes and make a truly healthy snack. Shimla is called the capital of Himachal Pradesh, it is often a favorite destination of tourists.

8. Aktori :It is another food that is made especially during festivals and celebrations. Aktori can be basically a pancake that is prepared with bacon leaves and cooked with flour. This festival specialty is loved by the locals of the happy Himachal Pradesh and although it started in the beautiful town of Spiti Valley, the state is formed all over. You will get a taste of authentic Aktori in Lahul-Spiti.

9. Kullu Trout : As the name got suggested, this special vegetarian dish Kullu trout is made from trout fish and is specially prepared in the Kullu region. First, the fish is marinated, soft cooked with very little spice so that the taste and nutrition of the trout fish in this method is original. It will served with boiled potatoes or vegetables and is considered to be one of the healthiest and tastiest foods in Himachal Pradesh.

10. Tibetan Thukpa : There is an enormous popularity of Tibetan food within the state of Himachal Pradesh. the most Tibetan cuisine includes Thukpa and is additionally blend of both local cuisine and therefore the Tibetan cuisine. Yet it is more than just these dishes about Tibetan culture. Other than this original Tibetan dish, others include luchipati, tingmo, niza cake, and tehantuk, not to mention stempal dumplings called momos. Famous places for these dishes are Mloyed Ganj and Dharamsala.

11. Sweet:

This dessert is especially served at special festivals and ceremonies and occasions like weddings, parties etc. Traditional traditional and authentic Himachali sweet food can be mixed with sweet soaked rice and crammed with raisins and dried fruits. It is prepared everywhere in Himachal Pradesh

12. Kale Chan Ka Katta: This is a pure mountain food with short and sour taste served with rice. It is served along with the madrasa dish. This traditional Himalayan dish is often seen in the Kangra district of Himachal Pradesh.

13.Auriya Kaddoo :

Auriya Kaddoo is one among the simplest Pahadi dishes. Auriya Kaddoo is formed from potatoes and pumpkin. it's a tangy and thick gravy which uses dried mango powder. It brings out the essence of Himachal.

14.Mash Dal :

Mash dal, is additionally referred to as kali dal. it's a Himachali speciality. it's made from black lentils, spices and garlic paste. This dish features a combination of pahadi spices and is delicious in taste. Himachali Mash dal is delicious in taste and have amazing flavours.

15.Patande : 

Patande is analogous as Pancakes. it's derived taken its origin from the Sirmaur district of the state of Himachal Pradesh. it's made from flour , sugar and milk. it's also referred to as a flapjack. it's a pleasant breakfast of Himachal.

16.Akotrito :

Akotrito may be a delicious dish. it's a most famous dish from the side of Himachal. it's known to be a kind of cake that features a taste of buckwheat. it's mostly prepared in festive seasons or auspicious functions.

17.Tudkiya Bhaath :

Tudkiya Bhaath may be a sort of Pahadi Pulao which may be a source of all. it's a rice dish made with a spread of spices and elements. Potatoes, ginger, garlic and onions are a necessity for this, along side yoghurt. differing types of spices are wont to make it the good . Rice is an ingredient during this it. A yummy and flavourful recipe with perfect flavours and spices.

18.Pahadi Chicken :

A very simple non-vegetarian dish, the chunks of Chicken which is stir-fried and cooked with a spread of flavours and spices. This great non-vegetarians recipe is cooked with coriander, garlic and along side slight mint and spices. It consists of the many flavours. it's served with Roti or Rice.

17.Chamba Style Fried Fish :

The fried fish is formed from a spread of fishes cooked with the flavour of the Chamba region of Himachal. This dish uses different spices, it's a coating with a soaked chickpea flour. The fish is small 

18.Gahat Ka Shorba :

India is documented for its Shorba with multiple flavours. The recipe is another summarises Shorba which delights the essence of Indian flavours. it's made from Grain and is understood as Gahat. it's elegant flavours of coriander and garlic. Shorba is that the most wanted recipe of Himachal Pradesh.

19.Alu Palda Potatoes :

Alu Palda Potatoes are an integral a part of the Himachali cuisines of India. The Potatoes lover will love this dish because it resembles the flavours of Potatoes. The potatoes are drowned in curd. it's prepared with heavy gravy and is delicious in taste.

20.Khatta :

As the name suggests, the dish may be a tangy dish of the many flavours. Khatta may be a dish which incorporates chickpea flour and tons of spices. This recipe consists of amchur powder, to make sure that it's amazing flavours.

21.Luchi Poti :

This dish is for non-vegetarian lovers, it's a recipe which uses lamb intestines within the Luchi Poti. it's made from two sorts of flour, one from millet and another from wheat. It consists of a spread of spices and ground to a paste-like consistency. Then the dish is served with mutton soup.

22.Jimikand :

Jimikand, another name of Indian Yam. it's available within the hilly areas and thus is popular in Himachal Pradesh. The dish is tangy in flavour. Jimikand may be a special dish of Himachal. Yummy in taste and therefore the delightful love for the people of Himachal.

Although momos are a hot favorite among locals and tourists, you have got to see this authentic Scramptius dialysis to truly enjoy the culture of Himachal Pradesh. So, next time you taste this eye-catching food in different places while continuing your vacation in Himachal Pradesh.

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