What is bungee jumping ?

Bungee jumping is one of the most famous adventures for many travellers. There is the greatest joy and the greatest joy. Physicists say the dramatic demonstration of bungee jumping is the conversion of energy. Let's check out the information behind this popular adventure called bungee jumping in this article.

The story of bungee jumping begins here. It is a more recent activity associated with the ritual practice that goes back several centuries. It came from "land divers" from the island of Pentecost. People did this activity as an offering to God. The men showed their courage and offered their wounds to their gods in exchange for an abundant harvest which they received. This is where the wagon wheel habit begins.

The Oxford University Dangerous Sports Club member was inspired by the film "Vine Jumpers" in England and in April 1979 launched this new leisure activity called "Bungee Jumping". The sport is popular with people from New Zealand and France in 1980. Later, John and Peter Kockelman brought him to America. In the 1990s, it was the fun sport that people all over the world loved. Appropriate facilities have been set up in several countries, and professional trainers will help you enjoy the pleasure of jumping to the fullest.

required equipment:

Notable rubber bands are made according to the theory of physics. It can stretch up to three to four times its average length. They are soft and elastic shoelaces. The straps come from mountaineering equipment. It does the job as a carabiner, which is the primary connection between the cable and the harness.

Nowadays, protection options are high. They use the redundant connection, double hooks to jumpers, seat belt, chest and shoulder belt.

The right combination of cable and bridge should produce maximum accelerations on the order of 3 g. For example, the elastic rope should have a free length of about 9 m for a jump height of about 28 m.

Security measure:

At first, there was no clear idea of ​​the facilities. This activity killed three jumpers in France and some terrible accidents in Australia and the United States. Therefore, the government of these countries has banned this sport. An engineer who runs Sky Tower Engineering Inc. investigated the deaths. Their report says the crashes were due to a low rope and jumper connection, misalignment, total jump height, physical misjudgment, and other errors. The faults are on the man's side. But the game is safe if all measures are correct. It was so dangerous then, but now the guards are high. Vocational training is offered for participation in bungee jumping. Most dangerous incidents are not due to faulty equipment, but rather to human error.

The jump has not sustained any severe injuries these days. Jumpers follow the rules correctly, and we can see that many people enjoy flips without getting hurt. There is some age limit for playing this game.

It's a beautiful sport that anyone can play without fear. It's impressive to climb and fall in the clouds.


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