What is paragliding ?
 Some consider paragliding to be an extreme sport that can open up a whole new world of incredible experiences. A paragliding flight can range from riding to the top of your favourite hill or from trekking to taking off on a mountain top and gliding smoothly to the desired landing zone. Adventure seekers can explore alpine locations in Europe and Nepal for epic and impressive mountain flights.
A paraglider is an aeroplane that is small enough to fit in a large backpack and easy to carry on your shoulders. A complete platform weighs between 8 kg and 16 kg. It is so portable that you can take it with you almost anywhere. After completing a training course to acquire your flight qualifications, you will be able to launch your paraglider from flat slopes to steep slopes. Unwrap the kite, put it on your harness and helmet, inflate the kite to let the breeze in, then turn around, and with a few steps, the ground falls, and the sky is yours.

The direction switches make it easy to control the direction and speed of your aircraft. After a little extra training and experience, you can begin to use the air's upward movement (thermal or ridge rise) to stay in the mood for hours. When it is time to get out, landing can be just as smooth and easy. All ages can practice paragliding from 16 years of age (per local regulations) to 85 years of age and older. It is fun for both women and men, and many women do well at cross-country skiing competitions.

Although paragliders look a bit like rectangular parachutes, modern paragliders are now designed to keep you climbing and flowing with the currents on long flights. Air.

Now they are shaped like a graceful curve, and the air pressure forms a high tech aero section.

Many paraglider pilots have made cross-country flights for hundreds of kilometres, all without a motor. You could say it is one of the most environmentally friendly air sports. All you need is a healthy breakfast, a bottle of water, and a healthy dose of adventure.

Paragliding is probably one of the cheaper forms of flight. Perfect for those who cannot afford a plane, do not pay hangar fees, or do not live near an airport but still stare at the sky.

If you are dreaming like an eagle, find your local professional paragliding school, get expert lessons, get ready, and pluck up your courage.

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