Build your paraglider - honestly

Well, it is possible to "build your paraglider." However, it has been not easy to find a decent paragliding kit or set of paragliding plans in the past. So you have to appreciate a small number of entrepreneurial companies on the internet that have now made it possible to "build your paraglider," and it's very cheap too. Let's see which.

I found this Paragliding Point Paragliding site very useful, but only with a lot of help from my sister. Mom also helped. Thank you, mum! And it was nice to know that those hours I learned to knit when I was 6 weren't completely wasted.

The website provides the following information, materials, and services to enable you to make your braided paragliders. It is a complete set, even the lines, and the dishes are knitted from solid wool. Ordering online is easy as the usual secure credit card features are available on the order page.

- Weave pattern for the latest DHV-1 sailplane designs

- 570 km of premium low-porosity sheep wool

- A set of knitting needles

- Support documentation for the more complicated bits.

The beauty of knitted gliders is that once you are confident in the air, you can untangle your DHV-1 design, download a DHV-2 pattern, and weave your first cross-country wing. Fantastic! Yes, there are models for some of the top-rated fenders, but of course, the prices are a little higher. Since many pilots choose to undo / over weave, weave patterns are available separately. Good to know.


Make sure to follow the producer's advice for the ratio of mother-of-pearl to individual points on the top of the edge. Otherwise, woven sailplanes' low-speed performance will be adversely affected by increasing the boundary layer airflow thickness.

There are more things to note here. If you fly through a few rainfalls, the wool will shrink a lot. But only in forward and backward directions. So the area of ​​your wing decreases, and at the same time, the aspect ratio increases. So when you get to the landing area, you will find that you are flying with a good racing wingmate. Could you not say I didn't warn you? I still have scratches on my knees. Honest.

Another paragliding site that you can try is origami paragliding. This site has a secure order page that you can use to order your CD. It costs $ 120, which I found a bit expensive, but still. The CD features a polished Japanese gentleman with a slight French accent who walks you through the process of folding your paraglider, step by step.

The design complies with AFNOR standards and only requires a sheet of glossy paper. A pretty heavy note. Why glossy paper, you ask? It turns out that it is imperative to reduce the depth of the boundary layer airflow on the top of paper gliders. In the end, you will get two extra L / D points. If you don't know what L / D is, you need to explore my website in a little more detail. I have to admit, and I had a hard time finding a stationery store where I could get sheets of paper the size of the roof of my house. But, despite this inconvenience, what a great idea. BOMs shorter than the knitted glider are better than trying to work with dozens of intricate parts that can roll under the sofa and so on. Long live the Oragami paraglider!

Advertising. Pretty serious indeed. I did a coastal flight and didn't know the storm was coming. I should. The handling got a little damp when raindrops splashed my face. Next, knowing I was in the drink, the soaked remains of my wing fell around me. Sploosh. Plip-plop. Plop, Plip. Pip-pip puppy.

Back on the coffee table, another piece of paper. Man, Oragami folding paragliders take forever, not to mention the paper cuts. I would hate having to do a tandem layout with all that wing area again.

Trust the French to build portable paragliders! Amazingly, most of the new French fashion houses combined the long tradition of fine fashion in France with the recent French passion for para-pearl paragliding. So this paragliding site also serves as a fashion site.

Yes, following the success of Para-parcel's first edition (no pun intended) of its colorful dresses, sarongs, and shawls, a full line of Para apparel is on sale. Of course, some compromises can be seen in the resulting clothing line. The main settlement is that as paraglider pilots, these creations have a relatively small wing area.

Leading designer Claude Sue has experience in alpine paragliding. He has decided to use tiny wing areas for these portable paragliders. Half of the clothing line is intended for use as a training kite only. They know how to practice paraglider "kite."

The other half is the winter collections, which are more constructed. Therefore, they have the structural strength to be used as unique heavy-weather gliders. Last summer, it was not uncommon for pilots with their brightly colored para panel wings to see slopes off France's west coast with a breeze of 35 or even 45 knots. Of course, everyone was in the field. Heck, even some planes were on the ground at the time.

Sorry, I ignored those of you who are much more interested in clothes. Ok, where do I start? Let's start with the scarves. These are portable paraglider bags. But with carefully selected shapes and textures, Paraparel has done a lot to revive the popularity of this traditional concept in clothing.

Claude managed to turn most of the removable paraglider lines into underwear with a variety of unique zippers in an innovative step. Very daring lingerie, even by French standards. Oh, man. Likewise, brooches and brooches transform the awnings from portable paragliders into loose dresses for men and loose sarongs for women. For the user's convenience, thin colored ribbons are inserted into the fabric, highlighting the most distinctive fold lines to achieve the "right" look of a portable paraglider.

Some of the shorter tear lines are brightly colored and double as headbands, belts, and even shoelaces as a finishing touch. Shoelaces with incredibly comprehensive and flexible knots, yes. Portable paragliders! What a concept. Long live para clothing!

Finally, let's look at the number of silk paragliders in China's Shenyang Province that only use inferior quality silk. Yes, a visit to this paragliding website will deliver a package of an awning, ropes, and harness to your door, all in a lovely soft package. This is all about building your glider because you have to connect lines, elevators, etc.

It takes almost three hours to assemble; it's quite complicated. The instructions are terrible; they should fire their translator. On the other hand, some parts are weird. I searched the Silken Paragliders manual for the funniest parts! The full package is only $ 99. How is this possible when you consider the whole paraglider + harness is made of pure silk? Remember, I said they used inferior quality silk. I emailed the webmaster, and he told me that some of the big silk factories in China only use the rejected silk threads.

Sometimes silkworms have "days off." Interestingly, when you go out, everyone does. And for people who know their silk, this is so evident in the finished product. Therefore, factories cannot afford to include inferior products in their raw silk production. You practically have to give it away. It can therefore be found in the mail-order business of paragliders and sweatshirts from this remote Chinese province.

If I was you, I might order these lovely hand-knitted gliders today. With the incredible development of paragliding, the limited supply of rejected silk will soon prove inadequate. If silicon paragliders try to meet the demand, the price will go up.


Now, if you don't have it, build your paraglider. These devices go halfway to your own risk. You went back to the lovely big plush pillow some time ago. Your arms are your own best wishes. You will do it. ;-);

Tim Parish is an avid glider enthusiast, the webmaster of Paragliding Tales and Reviews, a website that introduces you to many aspects of paragliding with great humor. Tim has had the pleasure of piloting gliders, gliders, and paragliders, both real and simulated, in the past. This is evident in the reporting of these activities writings, which he hopes will inspire others.

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