A typical paraglider pilot? It does not exist!

 What is a typical paraglider pilot? The short answer is "does not exist." A slightly longer answer might be, "Well, many of them seem to be men in their thirties and forties." Surprised? Isn't paragliding one of those terrifying, risky, and exaggerated activities popular with young and brave people? No, that's not true, although there are potential dangers to any form of theft.

Don't go to a paragliding site and expect to find pilots who fit the extreme sport stereotype. Paragliding is more of an aircraft sport, less inexpensive, and easier to practice. It attracts a variety that is present. You too can learn to paraglide and surprise your friends!

It all started in Europe, and here you will probably discover some interesting peaks in the sport. In this corner of the world, children's camps occasionally offer paragliding as an activity! There are plenty of older pilots. THE PERSON who have already reached retirement age. What is the best way to keep life interesting?

Hell, I even saw a video clip of a dog with a special clip of a dog next to the pilot. I wondered how long the flight would take to sign up for the German Shepherd before leaving alone. Hey, don't laugh. Paragliding is almost easy!

The pilot from multiple angles

For fun, let's go through a few possible sections for paraglider pilots.

Age is one of them. I have already mentioned how very young people can fly to very old ones. Weight is another. Small, slender males or females who fly with their little XXS wings. Looks like exactly the size of a shirt? Even for important people who are more than tandem paragliders for yes, a grand piano for two. What else? Nationality, of course, because it's a global game. Although it was born in Europe and is more popular there, there are paragliders on every continent.

And obstacles? Probably not! Oh yes, some companies are actively helping wheelchair users to fly. Only two functional weapons are required to operate the glider's brake levers. Perhaps one more division, the genre is clear. There are many more males than female paragliders, as is common in aviation, although gender does not provide any special advantage for aircraft. Either way, women quickly get detailed and polished designs for using the controls.

It covers a wide variety of key angles found in paraglider pilots for some real-life examples, some in detail.


Especially in Europe, you will see people of all ages under the control of your paraglider. In early 1994 there were young pilots That Year, the 14-year-old Bulgarian became his youngest paraglider pilot. At that tender age, he committed 29 robberies.

There is a definite history of paragliding in Israel, which began the Zoom Club of the Year's pioneering work. At the age of 70, he again learned to fly to certain Baruch Guruvits! Baruch was listed in the Guinness Book of Records in 1998 as the world's longest-serving paraglider pilot. He was 77 years old. But that record did not stop! Since then, a short film has been made about the exploitation of a 79-year-old Polish pilot. The film was produced by Miroslav Dembinski and won an award at the Banff Mountain Film Festival.

Being a pilot is one thing, but age is a lesser barrier as you get older. I came across a paragliding school where there were two notable passenger names. Hans Togwalder, 95, and a certain Joe Schmidt, a young woman of two and a half years!


Here are some paragliders' models to give an idea of ​​the weight range available for paraglider pilots, for example. First, the Nova Rookie candle is available in 5 different sizes. The smallest is XXS. Very, very small. Feather is suitable for weight pilot, probably a woman who weighs 150 pounds and is ready to fly. Okay, this weight includes shoes, helmets, and whatever gear you wear.

SOME long pilots can use a two-seater paraglider, usually used to carry passengers. Theoretically, the Big Bertha or Gigantic Joe, which weighs 200 kg, can hold 10 kg of aircraft equipment and easily float in the Bio-Air Bi-Bio 42. This is a typical tandem paraglider.

Now some small things. The greatest sports glider had a unique design with 20 meters of wings used to draw an automobile commercial! This particularly powerful wing was supposed to carry 600 kilograms after the Lama landed from a heavy-lift helicopter. In a real Audi floating in the sky, an All Audi car was pictured under this paraglider in front of a spectacular mountain landscape.


Nowadays, it isn't easy to imagine a continent without paragliding activities. There are great flight schools and locations around the world. I also know that my paragliding website attracts visitors from more than 60 countries.

Paragliding is a particularly well-known sport in England, France, Germany, and South Korea. Of course, there are others, but I have noticed them so far.


Paragliding for the disabled exists in the United Kingdom, Australia, South Africa, the United States, and perhaps many more countries. Not surprisingly, tandem paragliders are widely used in this field.

The English seem to have done a very good job of promoting paragliding for the disabled. Just look at the airport activity. Airports are not hard to find! The company sometimes uses specially modified paraglider "cars" to provide air access for a wide range of people with disabilities.

And a leading organization is Handiconcept, which provides various activities for people with disabilities, including paragliding. You operate from a Swiss alpine village and take care of the physically and mentally disabled.

After moving to the United States, an innovative company called Tim Thor established itself as a non-profit organization. They specifically target people with physical disabilities and focus on coastal paragliding aircraft. Not just any old coastal aircraft, but a very impressive and well-known aircraft experience over the coast of Torre Pines on the Pacific coast.


Paragliding does not present any barriers to participating women. The small problem of very lightweight can be easily solved by pulling the ballast in some cases. Some major paragliding schools even offer paragliding lessons, especially for women. An example is tip-to-tip paragliding from the Colorado Boulder in the United States.

Especially in Europe, few women have achieved the sport's highest standards by becoming active competitive pilots. The participation rate is so high there; there are even events for women on the CIVL sports calendar. CIVL is an international body that regulates the aspects of paragliding and hang-gliding in general aviation like FAI.

Let's briefly mention two women who are notable in paragliding. First, Azar Mazru'i Farahani from Iran is the director of the Tehran Women's Air Sports Association. As a professional paragliding instructor, she glides through the air in the most readily available traditional Islamic traditional clothing. It's different.

Second, Nicki Moss is one of the best female pilots in the UK. She was kind enough to win the women's event at the British Open Paragliding Championships in Izar, Spain. Not only that, but Nick also has a UK paragliding record.


You may never have the opportunity to become a commercial pilot. Paragliding, if only as a passenger, is definitely within your reach!

Tim Parish is an aspiring glider, webmaster of paragliding tales and reviews, a website that introduces you to many aspects of paragliding in a fun touch. In the past, the team has enjoyed piloting gliders, gliders, and paragliders, both real and fake. Pleasure His enthusiasm for these activities is reflected in his writing, which he seeks to inspire.

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